Our Goals

To become the world's first and most effective forum to deal with Israeli violations in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa legally and politically.

Mobilizing and activating jurists in the world to develop a strategy of action to support Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa legally and to address the Israeli violations therein.

Strategic goals:
1. Communicate and consult with politicians and parliamentarians around the world to develop a strategy and legal mechanisms to support Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa and to work to counter Israeli attacks in international legal organizations.

2. Forming a global coalition of jurists (judges, lawyers, international law experts, international experts) interested in the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine.

3. Encouraging jurists in Islamic countries to adopt the formation of legal associations or groups including lawyers, experts and researchers at the country level to work on the support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa in the legal aspects and the formation of pressure groups at the local and international levels and provide them with the necessary information.

4. Specialized training in the legal and political aspects and the knowledge of the students of postgraduate studies in Turkish universities from the various Islamic countries, and to prepare them for future leadership roles in their countries after their studies.

5. Involvement of international law in dealing with repeated Israeli violations of international law and human rights in Jerusalem and Palestine (especially confiscation of property, deportation, Judaization, arbitrary detention ...)

6. Building an electronic database for jurists and experts of international law, centers of legal studies and specialists in the Palestinian legal affairs, and building bridges with them.

7. Establishment of a group on social networks that includes activists and actors in the countries in the legal field of interaction and mobilization towards the successive events in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.